Saturday, 23 March 2013

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If There Is No God Then You Must Be. If You Don’t Know God Then You Are He. No One Can Love You More Than Mahatma Andy.

It’s the hardest thing to be agnostic. Like this writing it leads to nowhere. I’m in the middle of it and I faintly recall the beginning but I don’t know where it’s leading to and how to end it.

I guess it really doesn’t matter that much. After all what counts is the here and now. Good if everything is hunky dory with your world. Good if you have enough social networks which define your persona by the number of people who appreciate what you stand for.

Love is giving and you could have enough of that. Love is also taking and you probably have piled up quite a lot. Wherefore do you need God? Maybe you do in undetermined ways which remain hidden to you. Right now in the hustle and bustle there is no tug to ferret them out.

God simply has no input in the dwindling of income, shopping, nice cars, latest gizmos, travel, and perks at work. Such crises of diminishing lifestyles need to be grappled with while two feet are planted solidly on the ground. Let numbers bail out their lack or decline on their own. Wedging a foot in the netherworld is an unwanted escape.

Substance is either for the dead or those who rest up to view the retrospect. Who cares about what’s beyond death or existence? Certainly a man’s value could be arrived at here on earth by the people and lives he touched or didn’t.

Value is what you have and others don’t. The problem is when the roles are reversed. It seems the rules that protect your rule are the same ones that preclude you when you don’t. What does life owe you that you can’t just grab by the horns?

One heart cannot love all that is beautiful that can be loved. One life cannot touch all that is meaningful that can be touched. Money cannot buy everything or much more make things right for all men.

Science is our last hope and men’s brains could be the savior of mankind. But we are not our brother’s keeper. It is simply because there is no God. Mushrooms bloom from the woodwork only in patterns that are not divined. They become arrayed out of pure coincidence.

Lack of an answer doesn’t argue for the existence of Abba Krishna. Lack of a question does. Such mind vacuums are the best canvasses to write the epochs of spiritual adventurism. What could be more mind boggling than to find a question with no answer or an answer with no question?

Such is the stuff of life then death. Such is the mantle of death then life. Come to the embrace and love of the Abba Krishna with nothing else but faith.